Enviro Guard
A revolutionary organic product for treatment of wastes; form oil spills to chicken manure and sewer to MSW
Yes, Enviro Guard is derived totally from food grade products & from our secret mines and farms in undisclosed locations, which we own.
There are approximately 47 different strains in our formula, which are all indigenous to the environment.
There are no hazardous or pathnagenic microbes in our formula. Having 47 different strains gives us the ability to degrade all types of organics.
Anything that lives breathes and dies is organic, along with the various waste that comes from them also.
Livestock waste, municipal waste, solid waste and all types of compost are all relatively easy to remediate in a short amount of time.
Industrial waste and hazardous waste can also be degraded. The amount of time needed to degrade it will be determined by what methodology used for application along with the geology. These are also classified as organis but petrol base organics, crude oil, natural gas, minerals and nutrients all will be broken down by using microbes.
Gasoline, diesel and oils are on the easier side to degrade. Aromatics in the form of coal tars and heavily chlorinated compounds along with PCBs can also be degraded again under certain parameters.
Enviro Guard will also eliminate pathogens and virus and will coexist with other microbes in the environment.
The body cream helps to control achme along with rashes and skin disorders minor infections and burns again totally safe to use.
We also have a formulation for aquatic uses. We have found this to be very effective on all types of algae and certain aquatic weeds that are classified as pets.
All of our formulations have the ability to work at the soil, water and air. Again depending upon the waste we're dealing with and other parameters to be determined by the length of time needed to degrade it.
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Skin and eye contact, protective clothing; treatment in case of contact